Jens Hausmann is focusing on crossover fingerstyle guitar in jazz, blues, latin, folk and classical music.

‘Jens has the unique talent of serving up his intricate technique in a simple fashion!’
(Chapman James, Besonic.com)

Starting as a Singer/Songwriter ages ago, through the years Jens Hausmann has developed a unique blend of crossover fingerstyle guitar.

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With an extensive background in all kinds of styles and genres and a lifelong passion for guitar music, Jens Hausmann has come a long way from his debut with original singer/songwriter material to instrumental crossover fingerstyle pieces, as it seems. But eventually, after honing his craft for over 30 years, with his sophomore album „Precious Moments“ the virtuoso guitarist has come full circle, since he started out with jazz duets and jazz bands and studying classical music in the first place. The new album features solo fingerstyle guitar music without any overdubs, recorded in a vaulted cellar with just two microphones. A lot of improvisation is included, played passionately by a classically trained artist with a blend of styles somewhere between jazz, latin, folk, blues, classical and world music.

For about 30 years Jens Hausmann has been a working musician live, in the studio and giving guitar-lessons. His passion for the guitar has taken him down many diverse stylistic paths, from the beginnings with classical music and roots in folk and jazz, through blues, rock, pop, latin, flamenco and back to classical music. Over the years Jens collected lots of experience and had his share in all kinds of music, working solo, or as a sideman in bands, big bands and even orchestras. That gave him the chance to develop his unique guitar style and singer/songwriter music. His debut singer/songwriter album, “Back On The Track”, was released in 1999 on which his acoustic guitar playing is prominently featured, nowadays the main focus is on fingerstyle nylon string guitar. Currently Hausmann is working solo, in duos and as a sideman on acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, ukulele and vocals.
Besides playing and teaching he writes reviews, workshops and interviews for the German Magazine ‘Akustik Gitarre’.


Jens Hausmann has been author and photographer for the German magazine Akustik Gitarre since 2002. He also writes occasionally for the German flamenco-magazine iAnda!. For Akustik Gitarre he covered just about everything over the years like workshops including recordings, interviews, CD and gear reviews, and other stories. Naturally Hausmann is specialized on acoustic guitars and related topics. Long ago he also wrote a few reviews at Besonic.com in English and German.


You need someone who can help you through the overwhelming amount of information and to separate ‘grain from chaff’?
Contact Jens Hausmann, no matter if you are beginner or intermediate player. If you know your way around the fretboard pretty well, but want to dig deeper in terms of arrangement, theory or improvisation? That’s fine too!

Hausmann offers private guitar lessons in Detmold. He is specialized on acoustic guitar playing techniques like classical, fingerstyle, finger, flat and hybrid picking with a variety of styles like classical, jazz, blues, folk, singer/songwriter, rock and pop. On the other hand Hausmann loves to play his Gibson and Fenrs through a decent tube amp as well. If you’re into blues, jazz and rock, you’ve come to the right place. You can have lessons on a regular basis or just on demand whenever you like. This is something that cannot be provided in Paderborn though. For Hausmann’s lessons in Paderborn please contact the Schule für Musik. Because of the British Army in PaderbornJens does have a history of English speaking students there, which are always more than welcome. This also goes for the private lessons in Detmold of course. So don’t hesitate to get in contact.