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Jens Hausmann is focusing on crossover fingerstyle guitar in jazz, blues, latin, folk and classical music.

‘Jens has the unique talent of serving up his intricate technique in a simple fashion!’
(Chapman James,

Starting as a Singer/Songwriter ages ago, through the years Jens Hausmann has developed a unique blend of crossover fingerstyle guitar.

His music has a lot of variety of styles somewhere between jazz, latin, folk and classical music. There is a lot of improvisation which is not so common in fingerstyle music, that combines the more jazzy bluesy side and this ever present touch of latin and flamenco elements and classical guitar mixed with a piano-like approach combining two or more parts simultaneously, like baselines, chords and melodies.

Over the years duos were his favourite and main working field. The other half could be almost anything: guitar, double bass, harp, saxophone, flute, vocals…since 1994 he has been working as a Solo Artist playing with versatility, virtuosity, and a more than solid musicianship, there is no time when the music is finished it’s not prefabricated. This makes it timeless: something that never goes out of style, joyful, playful made with passion. This doesn’t mean being against new technical achievements, but still it’s great to have it work without? Simply more intimate and personal, as life should be!

JiveCats: This is a jazz band specialized on Jive music, and other old jazz styles that fit to Lindy Hop dancing.


Foto Birgit Bornemeier

Volker Kukulenz: Volker Kukulenz and I sometimes split the bill for double solo concerts and on other occasions I’ve been a guest musician with his band the Volker Kukulenz Trio.

Gerold Kukulenz, also a member of the JiveCats and Volker’s brother.
2005 Gerold Kukulenz released his CD „Miles High“ with jazzy Elektronic styles alone. To make it easer to represent this concept live and to expand a little more he decided to join forces with Jens Hausmann on electric guitar and work as a duo.It’s all about lounge music, loops improvisation with bass, guitar and keyboards with Ableton live.

Former  projects as a sideman include:
Pete Alderton: The two met when Pete was busking in Detmold to try out new songs. They worked together occasionaly between 2010 and 2013.
Yvonne Teichgräber & Flowin’: For quite some time Jens Hausmann was member of the band of his former student Yvonne on acoustic bass & guitar, they did duo concerts from time to time as well

Occasionally Hausmann played guitar and mandolin for theatre projects  for example at the Westfälischen Kammerspiele, Paderborn

In the 90ties and later there were some interesting collaborations for instance with Volker Mengedoht, Bernd Rössler, and Matthias Klisch. For the new album Hausmann worked with his former duo-partner and old friend Eddie Nünning again.


Private Functions
There are a number of things, Jens Hausmann is available for. Besides public concerts with his own original music he also does private events and functions where it may vary between background music with instrumental acoustic fingerstyle guitar arrangements or typical oldies with guitar and vocals and everything between. He provides all the technical amplification needed in best quality without getting too loud. (AER exclusively)

Projects live/studio
Jens is also happy to help as a sideman on guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin or vocals for live projects and studio sessions. For these occasions he can offer a huge variety of instruments to provide the sound that fits exactly.